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NetFort For SolarWinds Users

NetFort brings additional visibility and troubleshooting capability to your SolarWinds deployment by providing detailed visibility into user activity across your internal network directly from your SolarWinds dashboards.

  • Take your SolarWinds monitoring to the next level by adding network security analysis and deep user traffic analysis
  • NetFort provides forensic level user traffic visibility and in-depth security traffic analysis
  • Enhances the network-level performance monitoring and traffic analysis by adding user-level visibility
NetFort for SolarWinds users

“It’s my view, having a feed from a SPAN port is an invaluable tool for network performance, troubleshooting and security. So having this sort of software, always on, would be great.”

Quote from a NetFort user in Australia

As NetFort uses packet capture as a data source, Netflow is NOT required and it provides much richer information including actual user names, file names, domains and URIs.

The level of detail and drill down is far superior to flow tools and critical in order to ‘find the smoking gun’, to really understand who or what is causing the problem and generate the required report to prove what happened.

NetFort is completely independent of your SolarWinds installation and has zero impact on it in terms of performance, security or data storage. All you need is a SPAN, mirror port or TAP.

NetFort Use Cases

NetFort is an easy-to-use, scalable and feature-rich network visibility solution for physical and virtual networks. Use cases include:

  • Gain internal network visibility for compliance, operational, or security reasons. Root out issues such as Ransomware or SMBv1.
  • Get detailed user and application information for bandwidth use on WAN links
  • Accurate Internet monitoring. Capture of metadata such as HTTP headers, DNS lookups, and SSL/TLS protocol versions
The video below shows how easy it is to get the integration setup.

Address that visibility gap. After SNMP and Netflow, NetFort goes to the next level with packet analysis.