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Microsoft Virtual Network TAP For Azure

Microsoft Azure announced a technical preview of their Virtual Network TAP in Autumn 2018.

This new service represents a significant step forward in maintaining network visibility when moving workloads from the on-prem data centre to the Azure cloud.

The Virtual Network Tap, as its name suggests, allows administrators using an Azure service to get full packet capture of network traffic in Azure Virtual Networks without having to resort to adding new monitoring fabric layers or agents onto app servers.

As LANGuardian can be seamlessly deployed into virtualized environments, it is immediately able to utilize the Virtual Network TAP to provide visibility on-prem or in Azure cloud by using the same familiar interface, with the same generated metadata.

Configuration of the TAP is simple by connecting the Azure CLI extensions to the vnet command group.

As the TAP provides full packet capture, all the LANGuardian traffic analysis features such as; Application Recognition, Deep Dive Decoders and Full Packet Matching IDS, are available.

The TAP is currently only available in the West Central Region and is in technical preview. No dates have been published for general availability.

For more information or for a demo of our LANGuardian in Azure, contact

Advantages of Azure Virtual Network TAP

  • No requirement for 3rd party monitoring fabric products
  • Provides full packet capture
  • Identical LANGuardian interface, configuration, dashboards, reports and integrations
  • Application Recognition, Deep Dive Decoders, Network Metadata, Flows, Inventory and Full Packet Matching IDS