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LANGuardian monitors virtual and physical networks as if they were one.

The growth of VMware presents a challenge for the IT, network, and security staff who are responsible for keeping the network in good shape. The problems that can occur in a physical environment – such as worms, security threats, bandwidth hogging, malware, and unauthorized access to data – can also occur in a virtual environment. However, because the entire virtual environment presents itself to the physical network as a single device, the monitoring tools that are so effective on the physical network are often unable to provide any insight into what is happening inside the VMware network.

VMWARE Switch Monitoring

With the LANGuardian VMware virtual appliance, you can monitor the traffic inside your virtual environment in the same way as you monitor the traffic on your physical network. In fact, LANGuardian also delivers unified monitoring of the virtual and physical environments through a single user interface. If you already use LANGuardian to monitor your physical network, you can deploy a sensor in the VMware environment to capture traffic and send it to a LANGuardian central manager instance on the physical network. Likewise, you can designate the VMware appliance as the central manager and send traffic to it from a sensor deployed on the physical network.

From a technical point of view, LANGuardian works on the same principle in virtual networks as in physical networks. A VMware ESX environment incorporates a virtual network switch, which is the virtual equivalent of the core switch in a physical network. The virtual network switch supports promiscuous mode, a setting that enables virtual adapters to see all traffic flowing through the switch and essentially providing the same functionality as a SPAN or monitoring port on a physical network. This makes it possible for the LANGuardian virtual appliance to monitor and report on all network traffic flowing through the virtual network. For more details, see the architecture page or download our white paper on unified network traffic monitoring for physical and VMware environments.

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