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What is Wire Data Analytics?

Wire data is data contained within the headers and payloads of network packets as traffic moves from one node to another. It is a rich source of user and application information.

Wire data can be derived from SPAN ports, TAPs, packet brokers or locally on systems using promiscuous mode packet captures. PCAP captures from tools like Wireshark are also useful wire data sources.

Wire data analytics is the process by which raw packet data is transformed into real-time and historical business and IT insight. This data in motion is what you’re learning in “continuously updated” mode, a constant mind-boggling flow of information that might include usernames, filenames, or website names. It is the only way to get to granular detail and fully understand what is happening on a network.

“No agents and getting a visibility by grabbing traffic straight off the wire is a major advantage for us. Much more detail, superior to NetFlow.”

Information Security Officer, City National Bank, USA

city national bank
wire diagram analysis

Wire data analytics transforms raw packet data into human readable formats.

Why do you need Wire Data Analytics?

Gathering data off the wire can be accomplished without invasive probes or software agents that add overhead and complexity. Wire data capture does not require auditing on servers so will not slow down business critical applications. Use wire data analytics for:

  • Network security monitoring
  • Network performance monitoring
  • User activity monitoring
  • Real time and historical troubleshooting
  • Bandwidth usage analysis
  • Detailed web usage monitoring, both proxy and non-proxy
  • Network and user forensics
  • Trending and reporting for management
  • Rich drill down, to who and what; usernames, file names, web domains and URIs

Why LANGuardian should be your only choice for Wire Data Analytics.

NetFort LANGuardian is deep packet inspection software for investigating, monitoring, and reporting on user and network activity.

  • Logs and reports on activity by IP address and actual user name.
  • Unique levels of detail using NetFort metadata for critical protocols including SMB, HTTP and SQL.
  • All wire data retained in a built in database.
  • Go back on data days, weeks or months without the need for expensive hardware and storage.
  • Built in application recognition engine tracks usage by application and user name.
  • Connect to a SPAN or mirror port and instantly monitor anywhere across your network.
  • Download and deploy on standard server hardware, VMware or HyperV.

Do you want to see LANGuardian wire data analytics in action? Check out these wire data use cases.

LANGuardian Customer Use Case: Illinois Community College.

Learn how LANGuardian “provides  unique out-of-band network forensics for troubleshooting or identifying odd network traffic.

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