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IFCT required complete and continuous visibility of what is going on their network.

IFCT needed a robust internal monitoring service that would provide a detailed level of traceability of what users are doing on the network and to be able to create automated alerts in the event of any suspicious, unusual activity or attacks across the network.

We have already recommended NetFort LANGuardian to a number of our customers and partners at the IFCT. We truly believe that NetFort LANGuardian is an excellent tool that provides detailed analysis of network traffic analysis.”

UK MSP gets to the root of DDoS attacks with AWS VPC Flow Logs and NetFort LANGuardian

Now that we had the IP address and understood what was happening, we were able to do a WHOIS lookup search to find the ISP and contact them. We sent them our report, the proof, and they immediately disconnected the user, the whole process took less than 5 minutes but clearly illustrates the value of real time traffic visibility of your AWS estate


Fauquier County Public Schools determines a major cause of network congestion on school links to be personal iOS devices

LANGuardian provides us a greater level of visibility into what is happening on our network then we have ever had in the past. We continue to use LANGuardian to review segments of our network when congestion happens. We also are starting to use it to isolate unusual usage that could be a violation to our acceptable use policy, or possible internal security threat

Louis McDonald,
Director, Technology Services