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NetFort Financial Customer Use Cases

Banks, Insurance companies and other financial institutions have a huge focus on network security and resilience. The cost of a breach or failure is not just financial – it can have a big impact on reputation.

LANGuardian is in daily use by financial institutions around the globe who want to manage their networks effectively. Customers include ANZ Bank, City National Bank and Canada Life.

LANGuardian in Financial Services Sector

Our financial clients use it for:

  • Network Activity Monitoring
  • User Activity Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Problem detection
  • Forensic Analysis

Banks and Insurance firms choose LAN Guardian for these reasons:

  • Rock solid – financial services firms want a system that is stable and performs consistently.
  • User behavior insight – LAN Guardian lets you drill down to see “who is doing what” in fine-grained detail.
  • Ideal for a branch network – LAN Guardian works really well when you have a centralised switch, for example in a bank branch network.
  • No impact on network performance – LANGuardian monitors passively through SPAN ports so it has no impact on network performance.


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