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NetFort Government Customer Use Cases

LANGuardian is used by government agencies across the globe to monitor and manage their networks’s performance and security. Customers include the US Navy, the UK’s Department of Transport and the Irish Revenue Commissioners. LANGuardian provides comprehensive monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities that meet the needs of public sector authorities at a price level that is competitive.

Public sector organizations face many of the same IT challenges as enterprises, as well as additional challenges such as the requirement to comply with legislation in areas such as data protection and freedom of information. In most countries, there are additional local requirements that have to be met.

LANGuardian is the ideal solution for monitoring public sector networks:

  • Software-only product that runs on industry-standard hardware. Unlike other packet capture devices, it does not require bespoke hardware.
  • Monitors file shares and databases, providing an independent audit trail of all accesses to sensitive information on the network.
  • Customizable report capability makes it easy to develop reports and alerts to enable the organization meet its local compliance obligations.
  • Gathers information from the traffic flowing through the network, so there are no clients or agents to install, and no deployment issues.
  • No impact on network performance, because LANGuardian is a Passive solution that monitors via SPAN or TAP ports.
  • Stores traffic data in its own secure database, which is independent of Windows event logs and Unix syslog files.
  • Available as a VMware virtual appliance, monitors virtual switch traffic, and can provide a single point of access to virtual and physical network traffic information.

LANGuardian is used by public sector customers all over the world, including:

  • United States Navy
  • City of Armadale, Australia
  • Department of Transport, UK
  • Enterprise Ireland
  • Revenue Commissioners, Ireland
  • San Francisco Housing Authority
  • Staffordshire County Council

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